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June 22, 2021
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Product Announcement

Learn more about the products we are building

Unlike most of the services that make up the multi-trillion-dollar financial service industry, the $190B estate planning industry is currently out of reach from many who would benefit from it. Increasingly, technology is making financial products more accessible and affordable for the masses. That technology hasn’t penetrated the complexities of estate planning - until now. Rest will be the first company to increase the annual share of Americans who plan year after year.

Our products will make estate planning as accessible as investing in your 401k. Our mission is to get people to see estate planning like any other financial instrument used to secure their financial well-being. Our goals are to raise awareness, educate customers, and encourage people to start the conversation. We created Rest to usher in a new generation of estate planners. As such, we are proud to announce our products currently under development for the benefit of the everyday consumer and the modern-day estate planning lawyer:

Consumer Focused: When surveying the FinTech landscape you’ll notice entrepreneurs reimagining every financial product and how it's offered- from investing, to insurance, to real estate, and now even art. But, no consumer-facing planning product exists for estate planning! EstateAssist will enable consumers to catalog their assets, learn estate planning basics based on each unique input, understand available options based on their financial situation, simulate their choices, learn about costs, and review their ROI- for themselves and for their beneficiaries.

Attorney Focused: Lawyers need help. Rest will augment lawyers with work that improves their bottom line. Lawyers spend too much time doling out free consultations; inflating their customer acquisition cost. The lead generation model in the legal industry is broken. Potential customers begin conversations with lawyers undereducated, which can make them price sensitive. Lawyers are missing out on more and more business and spending too much to acquire existing business. Our products will equip lawyers to better educate and nurture their clients. Rather than send would-be customers antiquated drip email campaigns messaging doom and gloom, lawyers can now send their leads through Rest.

Putting it all Together: Consumers don’t know where to start, or how to go about finding the right lawyer. We are bringing together an ecosystem of vetted Rest lawyers who will be surfaced based on your needs.

We look forward to sharing these products with you soon,

Chris Barbaro (Founder)

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