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August 13, 2023
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Introducing Rest

Introducing our new adventure, Rest.

We're announcing the world's first interactive, educational estate planning tool - a new category in the estate planning industry, which has recently seen a wave of legal tech document creation tools seeking to disrupt the traditional market for legal services.

As an incoming business school student at UCLA-Anderson, I observed my mother and her eight brothers and sisters execute my grandmother’s estate. With a plan and proper documents in place, it still took them 2+ years, and $10,000+ to settle, along with all the difficult sibling interactions this entails. I quickly came to realize that if this was a “best case” scenario there were worse cases involving more time, more money, and more conflict.

• Why was the process of executing an estate - something that every family must do - so complicated, fragmented, and almost impossible to access?
• How do you know if you need a will, a trust, or any permutation of documents?
• When is the right time for you to start?
• For many of us, this is our first interaction with a lawyer. How much should you pay?
• How can you find a lawyer you can trust?
• Can’t you do these things for free?

Given the burdensome minutiae involved in just educating yourself, it’s no wonder nearly 60% of American’s do not have proper estate planning documentation!! Lawyers don’t have the scale to increase this number meaningfully. They need help.

We’re Rest, and we are building an ecosystem that will streamline and simplify estate planning for everyone involved... Rest is not an estate planning law firm nor a do-it-yourself LegalTech platform (the world has enough of these with no future proof points). We are the world's first interactive, educational estate planning tool whose mission is to distill the complex financial and legal products of estate planning into something more straightforward and more affordable to consumers. Estate planning should be like any other financial instrument. Financial instruments are investments or securities that are created to provide buyers and sellers financial gain. In estate planning, you invest money now to save you and your loved one’s money later. Too many families have handed too much of their hard-earned money over to government. Our goal is to change the perception of estate planning, to get families to view it like they’d view their retirement account or life insurance policy; another tool in your shed to secure your financial wellbeing.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Chris Barbaro (Founder, rest)

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