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June 22, 2021
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Dear Attorneys

Existing software exists to serve your workflow, it doesn’t make it any easier or convenient for the client.

Dear Attorneys.

Over the past decade, the financial service industry, startups, and investors have poured millions of dollars into the estate planning industry. Frankly, this was overdue. The industry has historically been underinvested in and its customers (attorneys’ clients) have underinvested in their own estate plans. Nolo broke ground in the 70’s with innovative do-it-yourself legal manuals. Next came LegalZoom, paving the way for do-it-yourself online legal work. The latest innovations have come in the form of online products explicitly tailored towards the estate planning industry, some of which have been acquired by large financial institutions, and others that will continue to push disruption.

These companies have begun to modernize the space, most notably by providing access, but at a great cost.

Online products have had the unintended consequence of cheapening attorney’s novel work. Clients have increasingly grown more price sensitive to working with professionals across the financial services industry; holistically this is an issue, especially in estate planning. Estate planning is often referred to as the final frontier of financial education where we learn how to safeguard our life’s work for the next generation. Attorneys painstakingly repeat themselves that “estate planning is for everyone” – they aren’t wrong, and they certainly are not walkie-talkies. But they do need help bridging the digital divide between professional services and technology.

Despite the abundance of new consumer estate planning companies trying to compete for independent estate planner’s business, there is an insufficient number being built to help the industry evolve in its current form. The existing software companies built for attorneys are either outdated or not specific enough to the estate planning industry. And perhaps the elephant in the room is that all this software exists to serve the attorney’s workflow, it doesn’t make it any easier or convenient on the client!

Rest, a FinTech company based in Los Angeles, was built as an anchor for independent estate planning attorneys to ensure Americans continue to get the personal care they deserve when drafting life’s most important documents in an increasingly online world.

This article is meant to call attention..

to estate planners who may be vulnerable to the rapid changes occurring in the industry. As estate plans are life rafts to your clients, we are a life raft to you - fighting to contest your clients away from online products by creating your very own online product. 

Your potential clients are online. Lack of an online experience is yet another barrier..

when you already have a hard time communicating the dire need to clients. Let’s start offering your clients the same experiences you expect in your own life. Your clients want to plan online and can still do so with your professional expertise. Personalization makes all the difference – when you let software do more and more you have greater control over meeting your customers needs, hopes, and wants; that’s why you are in the game.

How is Rest your life raft? Rest is built for attorneys who offer unique, value-added, and personalized services to their clients that online will and trust products will never be able to compete with. We are a sales automation platform that automates the onboarding and intake process for your clients by leveraging similar technology to your online competition to get you online. We help attorneys who care about providing customer experiences that reduce onboarding time by 50% and convert potential clients at 5x the industry standard.

If you’re interested in checking out Rest, please book a demo from our homepage or simply get started on your own. Let’s get your customer experience online.

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