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June 22, 2021
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April 2021 Release Notes

Last updated 05.05.21 with new releases from April 2021

We are very excited to share this past month's feature upgrades with you. As always we prioritize our attorney’s feedback and take pride in acting quickly on it. Please leave us your feedback. The team has been moving quickly on new features and is already excited for next month’s announcement.

New Features


Collecting and organizing client personal and financial statements has never been easier. Clients can upload these important documents right in the intake form.

Mark Intake Complete

Attorneys and clients can mark the digital intake form complete once they have sufficiently entered intake information.

Export Client Intake

While we work hard to integrate with as many practice management and drafting software providers as possible we’ve made it easy to export a pdf copy of the client’s intake form.

Edit and Start Client Intake 

Attorneys can now begin client intake on behalf of their client and collaborate with them on the form throughout the process. 

Render Scheduler on Client Dashboard

For select scheduling software providers we can integrate your client scheduling directly into your client’s dashboard. Contact our team for help on this.

Integrations In Progress

  • Clio
  • WealthCounsel 

We are working with both providers to create a truly automated online intake & onboarding experience. Our digital intake form will be ported over to our integration partners and we are excited to add more.

Fixes and Enhancements

Dashboard Refresh

The attorney dashboard now automatically refreshes when you add a new lead.

Update Payment Method

Automatically change your payment method on the attorney dashboard under my account.

Tab on Intake Form

Easily tab between intake inputs with the tab key. You can also navigate our intake form with your arrow keys.

Password Reset

We’ve improved the reset password experience.

Known Issues

Asset and Family User Interface

The user interface on the client dashboard and intake form slightly differ.

Add Family Member on Intake

When adding a family member in the intake form it opens up multiple sections across the family intake.

Something missing that you'd like to see? Please let us know.

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