rest was built to help families retain their wealth and legacy

“I’m so busy - I preferred to get most of this done online on my own time but with the help of a lawyer”
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With rest you’ll learn and navigate whether you need a trust, will, or guardianship - easily and clearly

Build and manage your profile

Quick and easy onboarding that ensures your first conversation with an attorney will be meaningful. Our intuitive planning dashboard will simplify the tedious task of organizing your affairs.

Chat with your attorney

Collaborate with your attorney on rest and minimize the painful back and forth on meetings and paperwork. Get answers to your questions and share information and preferences with your lawyer without the hassle.

Simplified planning

Understand exactly where you are in the process and what steps must be taken to complete your plan. Our straightforward advisor tracker helps you stay on track and allows you to be more involved in the process with less effort.

Understand your plan

Charts are easier to comprehend than legal jargon. Visualize your densely worded documents that will carry out your last wishes. Be comfortable knowing who gets what and when and feel confident that you can revisit it at any time.

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Crowdfunding for you and your families estate planning needs

Estate planning is a family matter

Create your fundraiser and tell us your story. Invite your family and friends to support a fundraiser or check out our estate planning tools for yourself.

Achieve your goals

Our mission is to help make this process more straightforward and more affordable to you and your family. Share your fundraiser with your friends and family.

Empower your loved ones

Donate privately and securely to family members and friends’ estate plans on a monthly or one-time basis with a personalized message.

Invest in what counts

We get by with a little help from our friends. Get the security you and your family deserve and invest in your future. Show your thanks with your supporters and post updates.

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Automated estate planning tools built to support your clients

Raise Awareness

Too many prospective clients need more help understanding the value of planning their estate with a professional. We understand that value. Let us spend more time educating the market so that they are ready to plan once they speak to you

Lower your acquisition cost

Spend less time (and money) chasing leads that aren’t serious about your services. Our customers get it, they value your services. They are educated and focused on the value they’ll receive from the time you spend with them.

Free time for more quality interactions

You spend too much time explaining the value of estate planning to clients and collecting their information. Let us take care of that for you. Your clients want to get more out of what they pay for- your estate planning expertise!

Improve your offering with rest and standout 

Our straightforward customer dashboard allows you to co-brand with your firm’s name and provide your clients a more tailored estate planning experience. 

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